Your Life. Your Choice. Services for All Needs.

More choices means greater flexibility and a higher level of care for you and your family.  MORC's provider network is one of the largest in the state, with more than 300 direct care partners.  You have the right to choose which direct care providers you want to work with and who coordinates those supports for you.


MORC offers a diverse array of services for people of all ages and abilities.


Supports Coordination: MORC Supports Coordinators provide assessment, support, and coordination of services based on a person-centered plan.


Self-Determination: This option gives individuals greater flexibility and control over their individual budget in directing their supports and services.


Clinical Services: These services include medical, nursing, psychology, speech and language, nutrition, occupational therapy and recreational therapy based on medical necessity.


Children and Family Services: These services include family-centered planning, theurapeutic treatment, positive behavioral support, transition services and foster care to support the changing needs of children and families.


Home Choices: A variety of options are offered to support individuals with disabilities to live where they want to live. Home choices include with family or outside of the family home in a personal residence, with a foster family, or in a group home.


Vocational Services: These services include skills building, job placement, on the job support and micro-business development for those who are interested in working in the community.


Respite Services: This program offers a variety of options to provide a short-term break to families caring for an individual with a developmental disability.


Autism Services: MORC has Autism Centers in Clinton Township and Troy that provide Applied Behavior Analysis therapy to children up to age 18 with Autism.


Home Care Services: This program provides home supports such as homemaking, adult day care, medical equipment, home delivered meals, etc., to allow older adults and adults with disabilities to continue to live in the community instead of a nursing home.


Training: MORC offers a comprehensive training program including classroom instruction, workshops, practicum and consultations for caregivers, support staff and administrators.


Peer Mentors:  MORC offers peer mentors to help those we serve navigate the system, advocate on their behalf and assist with a variety of life skills areas.


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