MORC Training Department – Educating, Empowering and Mentoring Direct Support Professionals

A well-trained workforce is the investment we make to meet the goals established to strengthen our mental health service delivery system. MORC, Inc. views training as an on-going, multi-level organizational strategy to keep a competent and confident workforce.


MORC, Inc. has been providing training to Direct Support Professionals (DSP) who serve men, woman, children and families who have a developmental or intellectual disability or mental illness since 1979.   We have trained over 150,000 Direct Support Professionals.


MORC Training staff contribute to statewide training initiatives, grants, workgroups, task forces, and committees designed to develop and implement training of excellent quality that meets the role of today’s Direct Support Professional.


MORC, Inc. has been committed to a Culture of Gentleness for over 30 years. We are the largest agency in the world to implement gentleness approaches throughout its service system, starting in the 1980s and refining it ever since. The Center for Positive Living Supports, a part of MORC Training, provides training on a Culture of Gentleness and Positive Behavior Supports within its services delivery system, across the state, nationally and internationally. MORC Training and the Center for Positive Living is a center of excellence in providing training, consultation and mentoring to all levels of an organization.

MORC Learning Management System

If you are a direct support professional with one of MORC’s providers, click here to enter our Learning Management System.  It should take them to this link



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